Making Money with Content By Covering More Ground Those new to blogging or article writing have often been told to focus on one very niche topic. One narrow vertical. That has commonly been considered the way to gain credibility, readers, links, and ultimately traffic, which assuming the blog/site itself isn't your primary source of income, could lead to sales of your products/services. But is keeping it narrow really the best way to go? For some, it is. Another way to go would be to cover as much ground as you possibly can.
Google seems to be getting everywhere. They are there in just about every corner of our online life, and now they have taken a step further by launching Google Public DNS. Google Public DNS aims at making the web faster for you, by using a high speed, public DNS server. Here’s what DNS does in simple words : Say you type in the in your browser window. The DNS then converts the URL you typed into machine readable IP address and returns it to you.
Carl Sagan - 'Glorioso Amanhecer' Um tributo à ciência e á investigação cientifica.