Today I did my presentation on SEO for the classified sites. The first workshop was crowded, but people did not make so much questions has in the second one. Apparently the Link thema in the classified industry is still not so well explored. There was a big interest in it so I'm thinking on publishing here my presentation really soon if there are requests for that. Please use the comment box bellow.
Connie Bensen spoke with WPN at the BlogWorld Expo and gave some helpful tips for building and monitoring a brand. As you build your brand, be consistent, memorable, and always provide value.
WebProNews spoke with JB Glossinger about how people can make money online. The MorningCoach Founder says that if you provide valuable content and ideas people will pay for it. It’s all about getting your expertise out there.

The title of this conference is "MONETIZING CLASSIFIEDS 2.0"

[caption id="attachment_6" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Ricardo at ICMA"]Ricardo at ICMA[/caption]