Back in August, WebProNews first told you about Google's Caffeine update. As Matt Cutts told us then, the Caffeine project would provide improvements to Google's indexing structure. Despite concerns from some users about the impact on search results, Barry Schwartz of RustyBrick told WPN that caffeine is in fact live at one data center.
In September, Twitter released its new Terms of Service. While some users welcomed the new rules, others were not so enthusiastic. Jesse Stay, the CEO of SocialToo, spoke with WebProNews about some of the issues the Terms of Service are raising.
It is clear that Twitter is a valuable tool for business. WebProNews spoke with Jason Falls, the Principal of Social Media Explorer, who believes the reasoning behind this thinking is a result of the "conversational platform" Twitter provides for business usage. It is for this very same reason that he predicts Google will acquire the microblogging service.
Microsoft released its latest edition of Windows on October 22nd to replace the highly criticized Windows Vista. The company is hoping for a fresh start after the bad reception from Vista. Since Microsoft's software runs most of the world's personal computers, our very own Mike McDonald demonstrates the installation process in this video.
Where are we going with social media? That question is asked very frequently by businesses that want to know what they can do to be ready for the future. Before looking too far ahead, Jeremiah Owyang of the Altimeter Group recommends that businesses first look at what is currently happening.