My presentation went very well and people were interested in openstandards and opensource. At the moment we are in the sharing best practices. Everybody brings and discusses his business numbers. It's a very participated session with a lot of ideas going around. Felix just told me he took a small video of the presentation.
Welcome to the most recent conference of classified related information. If you think smart and want to spend your money and time on something that will make you grow, you should come and take advantage. At the moment I'm seeing a presentation from demand media.
Are you having performance issues? Why having bigger servers is not always the answer! Many of the recommendations are easy to follow and should make a significant difference in user s perception of download speeds.

Repair or optimize MySQL database on a shell

To fight fragmented databases, it is always a good idea to re-optimize your MySQL database especially if you have a lot of varying characters (VARCHAR). The basic way is via a SQL query. bash> mysql