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Drupalcamp Lisbon 2010

2010-03-27 10:00 - 18:00 Europe/Lisbon
The first Drupalcamp to be held in Lisbon has two tracks:
  • beginner level
  • advanced level
It will have parallel sessions in two languages: portuguese and english. The topics to be covered are:
  • what is drupal and why you should care
  • case studies of drupal usage in Portugal and abroad
  • first steps in installing drupal and using it
  • module development tutorial
  • drupal theming tutorial
  • specific examples of drupals usages in a variety of domains, namely:
    • digital asset management and rights management workflow
    • knowledge management
    • brand management
  • localization & internationalization in Drupal
    • using and the portuguese translation effort
    • how to localize drupal, modules, themes or distributions
We are planning the following hands on events for the Drupalcamp:
  1. A code sprint for the same day, hopefully we'll have a still smoking brand new Drupal 7 to show off, if not we're going to get down to business reviewing patches and helping for a final push to get D7 out into the whole wide world. Alternatively we'll look to help in areas were drupal can be improved like media handling, with the media project. We'll see what blips on the radar until then.
  2. A localization session, showing how to localize drupal for portuguese.
Now for the social part. After the camp, if you're a foreigner you can either stay in your hotel watching tv or you can venture yourself in the Lisbon afternoon and late night ;) If you've never been here then it's a great to mix business (sort of) and pleasure (literally) by staying here and enjoying the city and its outskirts with your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, partner, significant other. We're looking forward for having members of the Drupal community at large here to share their knowledge and joie de vivre helping us in getting Drupal to grow and succeed. We'll be seeing you in Lisbon next Spring.