- moving to git

Drupal project is moving it's repo to git. Git has the best version control and workflow for big communities and developers. Git is to be embraced by the Drupal community and taken to the core of things. I already moved all code from our repos into git also. Wanting for acceptance from the developers... Code for geting a clone of the repo:
git clone git://
Here is the exercise:
Learn to use git! Get logs:
git log
Get status:
git status
Add a file:
git add .
git commit -m "test" file.txt
git reset --hard HEAD^
New branch:
git checkout -b "render_example"
See branch:
git branch
Add file to branch:
git add .
Compare to master:
git diff master
Return to master (switch):
git checkout master
You can also use TAB to autocomplete the command. It's so fast that people complain constantly in the git issues saying that " nothing happens" :D -----/------------- Smartgit - a good client crossplatform: ----------- Please say who you are before comiting:
git --global "your name"
git --global
------------ When you finish your work:
git pull
git push

That's it!
A full day workflow.