Google Analytics - Google Code

Google Analytics - Google Code.

What is Google Analytics?

With Google Analytics, you can gather, view, and analyze data about your website traffic. By embedding our basic JavaScript snippet into your pages, you see which content gets the most visits, average page views and time on site for visits, which ads are driving the most visitors to your site, and more. You can also use the simple administrative interface to set up goals and filters to control what data goes into your reports based on your business needs. The best part: this sophisticated, full-featured web analytics package is free.

Collect Your Data

Use our tracking code to collect visitor data to your website and Flash-based content.
  1. Sign up for Analytics.
  2. Track site content. Use our Tracking Guide to learn tracking from A to Z, from basic setup, to Visitor Configuration and Ecommerce Tracking.
  3. Track Events. Our Event Tracking guide can help you attach Analytics tracking to web page events, embedded AJAX elements, file downloads, and even mouse overs.
  4. Tracking Flash Content. Use the Adobe-powered solution to tracking your Flash content with Analytics.

Extract Your Data

Develop applications and integrations with the Google Analytics Data Export API.
  1. Explore Your Data with our Query Explorer.
  2. Interact with existing applications with our Interactive Samples.
  3. Start with JavaScript. Our JavaScript guide contains clear, simple instructions and related sample code that can have you writing your first app in no time.