Twitter’s Terms of Service Spark User Interest

In September, Twitter released its new Terms of Service. While some users welcomed the new rules, others were not so enthusiastic. Jesse Stay, the CEO of SocialToo, spoke with WebProNews about some of the issues the Terms of Service are raising.

First of all, the Terms hint that advertising is a possibility. The question of how Twitter will make money has been a topic of interest for many people since the service has proven to be very valuable. The Terms imply that the company is still viewing advertising as an option for monetization, although no specific forms of advertising were given.

Stay told us that he, personally, did not have a problem with Twitter utilizing advertising. He said:

“Twitter has to make money, and when they’re making money, I feel more comfortable as a business and a person that they’re going to be around for a while.”

Content ownership is probably the most controversial area within the Terms. Although the Terms of Service say that you own your own content, because Twitter hosts your content, they actually have control in the end. The legal boundaries are still uncertain regarding this debatable issue.

By violating Twitter’s Terms of Service, users face the risk of having their account suspended. If you believe your account has been suspended by mistake, contact Twitter Support to contest your suspension.

To make sure you are abiding by the rules, Stay recommends that users familiarize themselves with the Terms to ensure that they know what they can and cannot do.

What are your thoughts on the new terms of service?