Html5 versus Flash

The all fuss around a suposed war with html5 and flash is reduced to the fact that html5 can render video in the browser. The possibilites will degrade gracefully in case the browser does not support the 1st level. @drupalcon

SEO overview for 2010

8 Predictions on SEO from Seomoz in 2010

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#1 - This Real-Time Search Thing is Outta Here

#2 - Twitter's "Link Graph" is the Real Deal

History of Link Sources

#3 - Personalized Search is Here to Stay

#4 - It's Going to Be a Two-Engine, 80/20 World

#5 - Site Explo

Drupal - SEO Checklist - Search Engine Optimization easy!

There is a new major version released: 2.0 with new, clean code as well as a bunch of new recommendations! If you are upgrading, make sure to follow the instructions below. This module contains a list of good Drupal SEO (Search Engine Optimization) best practices. Maximize your presence in the main Drupal site from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. This provides a checklist that helps you track what needs to be done. Firstly it will look to see which modules are already installed. So all you have to do is go down the list of unchecked items and do them.

Development with Joomla versus Drupal? - Comparison Chart

Joomla and Drupal

What is their status?

In this chart from: we can  see that both projects have moved forward but neither one has really changed to much it's own goals. * Joomla is still more user-friendly with a more active developer and designer community, but less extensible and documentated * Drupal is absolutely more Open (GPL like), still more flexible and developer-friendly with a more coherent and stable community.