Top Google SEO Tips for 2010

4 Important Tips About SEO For 2010

seo tips for 2010The term SEO (Search Engine Optimization and Optimization for Search Engines) is increasingly being researched and the SEO techniques are increasingly being used by a growing number of bloggers and webmasters on duty. This are the 4 SEO Factors Search Engines will discuss more in 2010 with tips on what can affect the SEO of sites and blogs, taking in account what Google is preparing for 2010.

1. Loading speed

Much has been said about the speed of loading pages influence (much) about the presence or not of the reader and even their loyalty. What few people discuss is the fact that the loading speed could influence the outcome of the research. The speed of a page loading influence the results, because Google could simply ignore parts of your page that take too long to load.

2. Results directly related

Another concept that is being frowned upon by the class of Google is the presentation of the next page of search results directly linked to the anchor text. That is, if someone came into your blog coming from a Google search, would be taken straight to the keyword / phrase would have searched the tool. That for the User is a marvel. Now, for those who live in AdSense, there will complicate the thing!

3. Influence of Social Media

Nothing has been 100% sure about direct or indirect influence of social media in search results, but the fact is that this influence exists. The social media but will greatly influence the results of searches from 2010.

4. Importance of dynamic content and SEO friendly

Dynamic content (which for those working with optimization is synonymous with headache) is something that is not only here to stay, as the trend is its gowing. So you working with optimization should get used to the fact. The only good news about it is that it can be anticipated for 2010 search engines are a little (only slightly) better able to identify a good SEO work on sites with dynamic content. Open to discussion on this.

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