Tips for Building and Monitoring Your Brand

Connie Bensen of Techrigy SM2 spoke with WebProNews at the BlogWorld Expo and gave some helpful tips for building and monitoring a brand. As you build your brand, be consistent, memorable, and always provide value.

Bensen is careful to point out that you can never be done with building a brand, because it is a continual process.

After you begin building your brand, you must also monitor your brand. Listen to what the community is saying about your brand, whether it is good or bad. While it is important to address the negativity your brand may receive, Bensen says it is also very important to “thank” the positive feedback.

If you are able to build a positive community for your brand, it will act as a strong advocate when negativity pops up. In some cases, the community may be able to handle the situation on its own, which could even be more effective than the brand intervening itself.