Google Trader Gets A Web-Based Companion In Uganda

google-traderLast year, in June, Google launched a SMS-based series designed to meet the needs of mobile communications services, Africans, in the Republic of Uganda began. Today, the search giant is a complementary mobile phone and started countries, Google SMS nicknames based on market transactions, a Web-based version of its own services. In essence, Google is an online trading market, we have seen tens of thousands before, you can visit the place to find, buy and sell goods and services. When the new product is launched in Uganda last summer, users could only send text messages to certain commands (such as registration or purchase of mobile phone), trading platform. Is still only in English, still completely free of charge, Ugandans can now access the Google custom site search market transactions and trade, such as crops, cars, electronics or work directly from the computer products and services. With the online version, users can get such a capability to search multiple projects, including their photographs and details of products or services, to sell some more. As the blog announced a new browser-based version of Google businessman, said that the service is to provide greater access to new markets and business opportunities for the African people. Hope that we will see these and other SMS services will be in other countries, a significant scale, and the forthcoming implementation. Site: